Music and Me...#4

Between 2006 to 2010, the time of a retirement into the virtual world of Second Life, meeting of people from all over the world, live stream experiment, audio and video (Djing in the 1st club in Second Life to be the replica of an existing club in Cornwall, The Koola, wonderful people and time). I still keep some good memories from this period. A luck to have worked with friendship, passion and professionalism on the web., many projects around music been realized, always in the free state of mind, it was made for fun first.During the last months, I came back slowly to the will to go on my way into music production again, a bit later, under the nickname of Muzeek, I produced some remixes for Galaktika Records and Intermissions. A permanent venue called l'Appart (Bourgoin-JallieuFrance) became one of the points of decision to quit virtuality.

End of the year 2010, after the metaverse trip, let's go back to the real projects ! I gonna keep some stuffs for the next part...

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