Music and Me...#5

The end of year 2010 is a kind of new start in music production.New nickname as J Dovy and the release of an album made of 9 tracks, for the romanian label, Disco Birds. The release titled « Black Luv » has been supported by producers like Rick Wade, Moodymanc... Later the same year began a long collaboration with the U.S. label Soul Shift Music, « Disco Deep Down » another album made this time of 7 tracks gave me opportunity to explore the sounds of funk and disco.

During the following year some new releases and remixes came out with the following labels :

    • Ambiosphere Recordings : Moods (AMBSC042)
    • Superhuit Music : unavailable
    • Undertechnical Recordings : In my hands (UR61)
    • Sweatin Records : Welcome into the playground (SW3005)
    • Law Recordings : Sounds of Patterns (LAW032) + Made In Deep (LAW033)
    • Deep Movement : Le Prestige (DMM006)
    • Expanded Records : Dirty Saturday EP (EXP030) + Mirror of a Music Lover (EXP031)
    • Street Wise Music Group : Forgotten Souls (SWR007)
    • Ladymary Sound International : Mirror Limits (feat Silencio Barnes) (LMSD05)

Meanwhile these works released on various labels, I still go on with Soul Shift Music, I made a remix for Dual II, a band of producers from Switzerland, I found also the time to hold a podcast of deep-house named « Burn It » that reached more than 50000 downloads in 2 years. Three seasons of thirty episodes for each, some sets recorded digitally delivered each saturday (gratefully helped for a few episodes by EllieN, DJ Craig Twitty and Expanded People). The end of this podcast came with the need of time for musical projects to come...

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